Price list


Prices for staying in the apartment since 153zł.

Children under 5 years old in room with parents free of charge.

Check-in starts at 14.00 on day of arrival and ends at 12.00 on the day of departure.
As far as possible, after determining the times may change.

The fee for the entire stay will be charged on arrival.
Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer.

For regular customers we offer discounts.

For further information please contact us.

Busa cruise rental offer

Villa Jantar offers a bus 7 pers. for those willing to explore the surroundings of Gdansk.

Depending on needs, prepared a three tour routes.

Route I


* In the forests Kashubian open air museum in Szymbark works annually attracts 600 000 people. House upside down, 37-meter board, Siberian house – it’s just part of the attraction.
* Open-air museum is best visited with a guide. Guides oprowadzają group that can be created on the spot. Guided tours last 2 hours.

Route II

Gdańsk, Malbork

* City Malbork became famous in Europe, as a former stronghold of the Teutonic Order. To this day, built by the Teutonic Knights Castle of Malbork is one of the biggest tourist attractions – after all, who does not want to see how they lived famous in the whole country (and beyond), the Teutonic Knights. The former seat of the Teutonic highest dignitaries (including the great masters of the Order) is now transformed into the Castle Museum and is very popular, especially among foreigners.

Route III – Individual tour.

* The tour itinerary create that suits you.

The rental price is 600zł bus (route III, where the price may change)

Offer boat rentals

Villa Jantar offers a boat for those willing to explore the prospects for the seafarer Tri.

Motorboat we have a large engine which adds to the impression of traveling through the bay of Gdansk.

Price 450zł 4os max. We invite you to swim:)